Professional Repair Service for Polycom CX5000 or Microsoft RoundTable Power Data Box or CX5100 and CX5500 Codec - In all Europe

Repair & Sale of Refurbished Polycom Hardware - Fast Shipping

Our services

  • Polycom CX5000 Power data box or CX5100 and CX5500 Codec repair
  • Sale of Reconditioned Power Supplies for Polycom CX5000
  • Sale of Polycom CX5000 and CX5100 systems
  • Firmware update
  • Implementation of Skype for business and Polycom solution
  • Polycom CX5000 Repair and Reconditioning

Shipping in 2 to 4 days

Did your Polycom CX5000, CX5100 or CX5500 stop working? We can fix it.
Do not throw away your Polycom, give it a second life through our repair service.

Most of the time, this is due to a fault or a problem with the power supply (power data box). Please send us your power supply and we will repair it for you.
It is possible to repair multiple Power supply at even a better price. Please contact us.

Blinking green light, Amber light, Error, not turning on, rebooting, firmware ugrade, failure, ...

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Polycom® CX5000 adds a unique 360-degree group video experience to Microsoft® Skype for business meetings (Microsoft’s rebranded Unified Communications). The Polycom CX5000 device adds a unique plug-and-play group video experience. In addition, its integration with Skype for business makes it easy for organizations of any size to add voice and video collaboration to multisite meetings.

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